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Do you feel like you do? I hope I get home. I’m here to assure you and tell you that you’ve done absolutely perfect. Don’t change a thing about what you’re doing. Okay, what’s on your mind right now?

I’m doing okay. You’re doing great. Do you feel like you’re doing great. I hope I am. I’m here to assure you and tell you that you’ve done absolutely perfect. Don’t change a thing about what you’re doing. Okay, what’s on your mind right now? Things just don’t know. Maybe he could be nervous and I just hope I’m doing well enough that sound like I’m being dumb or anything. I’m going down. How do you feel being on camera? It’s nervous.

I never been on camera before so I feel like I’m doing things very bad. Do you often think about how you’re performing a socialist?

Would you have always I always just think that that was think that I was trying to act normal. And so people won’t think of me weird, but it’s Why is it hard for you? Sometimes when they got a contest? It’s just when I try to look someone in the eye and I try. I’d look at someone in the eye but I feel like it’s very Beard, I just can’t do it and it’s feels like they’re thinking horrible things about me but Also same time. It’s very hard. But me personally it doesn’t matter to me where you look I’m just enjoying this conversation and I’m focusing in on your work. Error and the content of who you are. You’re an awesome person. Thank you. You’re welcome. If you had one. Wish what would it be?

B I guess just to have friends what can other people do

To let you know that you’re their friend.

Well, I will always like to come with it this tell me that they want to be friends. It’s also want them. Just talk to me being nice. Do you have friends?

I don’t. Don’t it would mean a lot to me if I could be your friend. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I would appreciate. You I’m just happy. I’m happy, too. To what is making?

You bitches.

You actually made me feel better about myself. I was completely nervous. I was afraid with you might think of me but to know that you actually think I’m a very nice person. It actually is making me feel warm inside actually for my second. I met you I thought you were kind you were caring you ask me questions about me. You expressed your joy and I think that your honesty brings me a lot of joy and comfort. How do you fear Others May perceive you just like I don’t know anything about anyone or like not smart at all. Like they may hear about I talk or how to make present myself and it just think okay. I can’t be friends with her. What are all of your dog knows I have the speech impediment. I have a learning disability.

And I have autism spectrum disorder. You just said when you’re in a social situation you try to be normal. Do you not feel normal? No, no way. How do you feel? I feel like an alien. Wow, just felt different. I just feel like I can’t be like other people whenever I see people in the street. I kind of want be like Like I kind of want to talk like another person. I just want to socialize like of another person but I just can’t and it makes no sense to me. I try I try looking at people are trying to get the way to talk how they carry themselves and when I tried

Better disaster. So right now we’re having a social interaction that I’m enjoying every moment of it. What’s going through your mind, Oregon just make sure that I am, you know, trying my best to be completely normal as possible. Does it take a lot of effort for you to regulate that and try to be normal? Yes, it does because I had to think of every movement I do. Sometimes I just end up being loose and just We’re but most of the time I’m trying my best to just sit still and have a conversation with people. I like I want to just jump right now. You ever jump and clap your hands? I try not to do it but people I just kind of state normal but it has I do. So, can you tell me about some of the things you’re regulating right now to have this conversation in a way that’s considered typical not right now. I’m trying to stay on topic. I’m trying to listen to your conversation when I was just wandering off and then completely popping up another thing out of my mouth without pulling listen to a person.

Is that difficult to do yes, it is always being called weird. But the thing is though. I never understood why I was so weird before. I remember asking people and I just consistent just because you just because you are weird and it’s doesn’t really help me feel good about myself at all, but no one explains it to me. Only three years old. You don’t figure a joy to be around. Thank you. It means a lot to me that you’re putting so much effort into having this conversation and forming this Bond. It shows me that you want to be a good friend and it makes me feel like we’re good friends already. It has it definitely does. So I want you to know that all of your hard work is paying off and I also want you to know if you suddenly did wander into a different conversation that I understand that I accept that and that’s part of you and that

Would be great too and I accept that a hundred percent. Okay so much. Yeah, thank you for being you could never fully understand why I’m the way I am if it’s something that’s wrong with me, even though it’s not or just the way I see the world and just could never understood it and to this day I can never really understand why I’m the way I am. How are you exploiting the Way You Are Our I don’t know it just The only thing I can have her about myself, it’s weird that it’s not like there’s anything wrong with being weird, but after all my life being called weird, I’m just so used to call myself bad.

Do you want to be with me?

And a positive way, yes, but if people use it as a negative way, you know, I just want to be me when people do socialize with you and become your friend. What should they expect disrespect me just be you know, completely nice to them. Like I said, I’m always very caring so I might ask you 20 million. Are you okay? Are you alright, am I doing okay with you and I making you nervous. Are you nervous? What do you want to do?

I’m always kind of care about somebody there’s a provide you comfort if somebody gives you feedback and lets you know, that they are happy you’re there and that they’re having a great time with you. What does that mean? A lot to you. It just means that they’re doing okay to not feeling like I am being, you know, invasive to her space or anything or annoying them. I just want them to be just as comfortable as I am. Haven’t you destroyed all his of the somebody who doesn’t know what?

How to describe autism well autism is well described autism without sound so weird about it. It’s like being different maybe sometimes I won’t understand something that a person does a may not keep eye contact. Act or maybe some jokes you say or some phrases when it makes sense to me, but my son ways I will also, you know be very good at communicating in a different way and it makes me a good person though. I feel like being autistic. It makes me understand that, you know, I don’t have to be near typical in order to make friends. To be a very good person or you know, you have any special talents anyone can have talents no matter what ability do you have? It’s just been really hard to discuss autism. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it to. Well. I just feel like I’m sometimes a bob is a people you are not a bother to me at all. I’m sure yeah and everything about this interaction is just bringing me so much. Ciabatta Like about their sometimes it just negativity. It just things that happen to me bullying. I just think that people just think negative about me, but you know, just try your best to you know, stay positive beat you because there will be someone out there who does want to be your friend. You just need to find that person. Well, you found that person right here. I’m really happy to get to be your friend. Truly. Yeah. Yeah, when you make a friend, what’s the first thing you want to do with them hang out? Like definitely I would like to go hang out go to the mall to some shopping some girly stuff. I want to do some girly stuff. Maybe just do makeup to play with hair watch movies, but the fun stuff. Have you ever had friends? You could do that with

A long time ago I did but the thing is though apprenticeship. Sometimes just they business away. How do you describe a learning disability? Well Well, it’s hard for me to understand some things and there is some things. I’m really good at like for math. I can’t understand it at all. I still function in the fourth grade level with mathematics. I can’t do anything after basic math and English are not really good at reading I’m a slow reader I stutter a lot and I just can’t write sentences too. Well, but when it comes to other subjects like history, I’m very

That is that history if you could be any cartoon character, which one would you be? Sandy Cheeks on SpongeBob why she’s a very intelligent squirrel. She is friends with SpongeBob who may not be as smart as sanity when it comes to science stuff or building or technology. But the fact is that Sandy is wants to be friends with them Sandy love SpongeBob’s personality. He’s fun to hang out with she even loves hanging out with Patrick or mr. Krabs. She’s easy to beat.

You friends with anybody from any type of personality and it doesn’t matter who they are. Just as long as they’re very nice. They treat her with respect. I feel like Sandy really doesn’t care anything other day. So do you like The View say anything because of her ability to make friends with anybody? Yes, and also a saddle like part of the reason you want to be here is because she doesn’t judge anybody else. Hi, that’s a great quality to have What are the things in life that are important to you family family is always there for you. I wanted to be able to talk to me about anything.

Now I was told her whatever goes off. I’m going to fire about a picture. So you guys what that deal I got to shave a big smile when you hear your mom talking. 

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