drorar February 11, 2020

Our Autistic Lives

Autism family therapist, Lynn Vigo, shares her family’s personal journey with autism, and the parallel paths she and her daughter, Carrie, have taken over the past 20 years, from infancy to young adulthood.

Explaining Humans: What Science Can Teach Us about Life, Love and Relationships 

Your Interests, My Interests: A Visual Guide to Playing and Hanging Out for Children on the Autism Spectrum

I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder: A Memoir Sarah Kurchak

Life Will Never Be Dull: The Little Book of Autism Adventures Michelle Rebello-Tindall

Autism, Bullying and Me: The Really Useful Stuff You Need to Know about Coping Brilliantly with Bullying Emily Lovegrove

Theraplay® – The Practitioner’s Guide

A documentary short about the origins and benefits of Theraplay. Features interviews from key members of the Theraplay institute: Phyllis Booth, Sandra Lindaman, and Dafna Lender. Also includes footage of Theraplay in action.

College on the Autism Spectrum: A Parent’s Guide to Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

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